5 things you can do
to be more authentic

1. What you do and what you say should be same thing
Don’t say one thing and do other. Your actions should follow your talk. And vice versa.

2. If you don’t know something, don’t talk like you know it
It works with your friends and colleagues. It works on air also. First of all nobody loves people who are know it all. Secondly — you’ll end up being fake.

3. If you don’t know something — say it!
We want to put ourselves in best possible light. So we pretend like we know things that we don’t. And for people who know what we are talking about — this ends up like bullshit and you end up being insecure. But, if you acknowledge that you don’t know something that means that you are secure in yourself. In your capabilities to learn new things.

4. Like many others you have an opinion about everything, but some opinions you should keep to yourself
In normal and healthy relationship you will not like everything your spouse does, but you know that criticizing every little thing will lead to break up. Or with someone feeling really bad.

On air you might not like of love every song, but if you focus on those you love — you will hopefully have enough material for being authentic in promoting the music your station plays.

If the case here is that you don’t like the songs you play at all — maybe you should think about changing the station. 🙂

5. Talk about stuff that interest you and the listener
There is old saying — be interested to be interesting. If you are into the stuff you talk about your presentation will be different. This can really be felt.

Communication is two-way street. By you being interested you can make something interesting. At the same time there is the listener. Is your topic relevant to him in some way? You should also keep this in mind.

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