Goran Kurjak

While most people are still trying to „think outside the box“, Goran ususally asks: „what box?“. Kurjak is an incessant source of inspiration and creativity while keeping in mind the feasibility and reasonability of the project. Kurjak is delivering both: the creative concept and the execution as he is an excellent audio producer and video artist. With this knowledge he can support his clients both: on air and online.


  • graphics
  • music production
  • coaching

Kurjak is aware of the fundamental bonding of sound and branding. New trends in the music business, video production or graphic design – he knows them all and is able to make them happen with all imaginable technologies on all imaginable platforms. He joined BCI in 2016.

Before that Kurjak was an important part of the success story of Otvoreni Radio in Croatia.

From 2007 to 2012 he helped Antena Zagreb, Narodni Radio and Totalni FM to become the number one stations in the Croatian radio market. This was also where he met BCI as the team of BCI was consulting the group back then.

Kurjak believes in creative sonic branding which makes brands sound unexpected and “fresh” but reliable and recognizable at the same time. As an add-on Goran’s clients get a whole bunch of creative ideas on top – just like that, during the coffee break.


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