Stevie Münzner

A guy who promotes great radio and cultural change.


  • coaching
  • branding
  • social media
  • sound design
  • music production

Stevie studied International Relations/Politics as well as International Political Economy at Warwick University, England and proceeded to work as a journalist and radio personality in the UK & Germany. He also holds a teaching diploma from the University of Cambridge and he spent 11 years abroad; in England, Spain and Italy where he worked as a Cultural Ambassador for the British Institute.

After hosting his personality show ‚Stevie and the morning crew‘ for 7 years and as he was crazy passionate about radio, the move to join the team at the BCI GROUP Germany was a natural fit.

Although his skill set is vast, his greatest expertise revolve in the world of working with people, personality branding & coaching, social media and content marketing as well as show development and media strategy. Stevie tries to deliver the best creative to his clients and their audience.

Stevie has been producing music for more than 20 years and he is responsible for all international music productions with our music studio in Los Angeles, GrooveWorx.

In his free time Stevie loves to hang with his kids and enjoys spending hours in the kitchen cooking beautiful dishes. Well, he tries…

Some of his clients over the past 20 years:
Njoy, NRW, NDR 1, RTL, Bayern 1, Bayern 3, Hitradio Ö3, KISS FM, Berliner Rundfunk, Planet Radio, FRITZ, Hitradio FFH, NRJ Group Germany, MDR, Radio SAW, Radio Metropol, Radio S, Hitradio Center, INFO TV, Antena Zagreb, Narodni Radio, Radio Antena, Radio BeOne, Radio Expres, FM+, Sun Media Group, RTL Luxembourg, Rock Radio, Pingvin, Radio 1, Totalni FM, Slager Radio, 100% NL, Antenne Brandenburg, Deutsche Bank & Lufthansa.

Stevie views & ideas


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