Being an inspiration to others
means being copied

It is easy to get “inspired” by listening to others.
We have all been there.

With an effort and focused listening, it is possible to see what any station is doing. It is not easy, but if you put your time and energy in it, you can get a pretty clear picture what others are doing.

In the same way you can see/hear it – so can your competition. And then, you become an “inspiration” for your competition.

All the tangible parts of your program are EASY to copy:

  • structure
  • clocks
  • program features /benchmarks
  • songs you play
  • slogans
  • production sound
  • news
  • how you sell things

What is harder to copy (but still possible), are the intangible things:

  • tonality
  • the way things are said
  • overall program attitude

Those things are much harder to “hear.” They are more understood and felt.

But, if you can hear it and feel it, you can (try to) copy it.

However, there is one thing that they can’t take from you. The one thing that is now more important than ever.

Your brand!

And like any other brand – the core is your story. And that is something they can’t take away from you.

It is all about:

  • history
  • set of values (what we stand for, what we care about)
  • attitude
  • the culture of the company
  • the relationship with the audience

Your program has to be great. What needs to be better – is your branding.

You can buy some cheap Chinese basketball shoes, but they will not have Jordan brand appeal.

Generic cola doesn’t have the refreshing feeling of the Coke.

For your radio station, the brand and branding have never been more important. We can’t expect the audience just to come to us. We have to follow them where they are, on a multitude of different platforms, from YouTube to social networks. What we do on one platform shouldn’t be the same on another. But everywhere you should do it your way!

Get inspired, even copy if you want, but never forget to adjust it to your brand and just incorporate what makes sense for your brand. Make it yours.

Stand for something.
Create your own story.
Because that is the only thing that is truly YOURS!

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