Brand yourself like a rock star!

I have recently read Steve Jones on how to brand like a rock star. So inspiring and if you haven’t read it you should. On a recent trip to Paris we got in late and wanted to experience some real authentic French food. I instantly turned on my mobile and got a list of restaurants. Including reviews and my iPhone would tell me how to get there of course.

This is how decisions are made today. But … a lot of companies are investing more in their SEO than in their branding strategy. Which sucks! What your brand stands for still makes all the difference. Your brand reputation is what inspires someone to choose over the many options he discovers in a google search.

Lets think about how to start branding yourself like a public personality.


Let’s not forget: Being a brand is about being. The number one example I can give you here is the godfather of branding. Gary Vaynerchuck.

Gary is an entrepreneur, investor, author, public speaker, and internet personality. Vaynerchuk describes social media as a cocktail party, where brands must be a part of conversations that people have. Follow him on Facebook and check him out on YouTube. He is totally inspiring.

We can also learn from THE BOSS. Bruce Springsteen. The E Street band was in trouble when Danny Federici passed away in 2008 and the BIG MAN (Clarence Clemons) passed away in 2011. If you have ever been to a concert of Springsteen then you know that the introduction of each member is legendary to the show.

Springsteen is a master of creating an emotional bond with his audience. He calls it ROLL CALL and asks all his members to come on stage to celebrate them.

One night at the Apollo theatre in Harlem he created an emotional dialogue with his audience. He introduced his band and asked: „Are we missing anybody?“ The crowd cheered and he said: „yeah that’s right, we are missing a few but the only thing I can guarantee you tonite is that if you are here and we are here… that they are here.“

He showed that the iconic band (and its brand) is not only alive and kicking but it will continue to give the audience what it wants. Springsteen knew that a brand must embrace new norms and challenges but at the same time it needs to reinforce its values and the emotional bonds that tie to the customers.


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