…but because it makes sense!

And what a surprise — most of them are looking at their phones! Browsing the net, playing games, messaging, connecting with their friends and brands on social media. Maybe some are listening to radio. Maybe.

How conservative is your company?

You might be public traditional broadcaster that still holds on to the radio only mantra. For you radio is the most important, important, and nothing else you do is as important. After all this is what you get payed for. Or you could be doing stuff just for the newness of it all. Snapchat is there — you have it. And then you have to juggle it with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest and YouTube.

Chance is that, unless you have really unlimited resources, you are doing worse then station that is doing just radio. Or somewhere in between, where most companies are. Doing things what you saw working for your competitors.

Three reasons — all not right. There is only one reason you should be on any channel besides radio — and that is — your audience is there.

Don’t do social because others are doing it, or because you read that that is hot new thing. Do it because you can provide value for your audience that is already there.

What you can do on social?

You can reach your current and potential audience where they are spending their time already. Your content can be mixed with pictures of their kids & dogs, gossips they share with their friends and messages from other brands they showed affection to. You can achieve two-way one-on-one communication with each listener.

In other words, you can build brand awareness, communicate, promote content you find interesting and just be “their friend”. What is not possible is to be stronger then the platform you are playing on. Facebook changes their rules overnight. So, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

Content that works

Is native for the platform and relevant for the audience you are trying to reach.

Relevant part you hopefully know if you are good at what you do.

Native part means that your content on different platforms fits that platform naturally. That it doesn’t stick out like something out of place. If your content is not similar to other content that audience you are trying to reach consumes on those networks — it will fail.

For whatever you want to do — this is a must. No matter if you are public or commercial broadcaster — don’t forget your whys — why are you doing this. To entertain and inform. Think beyond standard way of doing things. Because just because radio is done this way today, doesn’t mean it will be like that in future.

Content on social as marketing opportunity

This is most underused part of the Social media for radio. First — we jump on word “media” and the content people jumped on that. We saw this as another channel we should be on. It worked for some time. You put content on, reach was great. Then Facebook decided to earn some money. Organic reach of your content went down. Because Facebook wanted to earn money from their platform.

But now, if you decide to pay at your disposal you have tons of different tools and ads that can help you reach your current and potential listeners. And many stations are not doing it, but they should. Because you still look at it as another “free channel”.

On the other hand, benefits of the targeted posts and different kind of ads are great. And this part here is where we go beyond just content to the marketing & promotion part.

Ideas what you could be doing:

  • your guest in the morning is famous actor? why don’t you record short video of your morning show host reminding people and then targeting it to the fans of that actor?
  • you are doing event somewhere? why don’t do ad (posts, video, image) that invites people who live nearby to drop by
  • even more extreme — while you are holding event, all those who are nearby could be notified about event
  • having carousel ads that promote your lineup, shows or music you play.

All that with as little cost as possible.

What is next?

You can ignore all this at your own peril. It is easy to dismiss social as something that will pass. But if you look at this as “current state of internet” then ignoring it is little bit harder.

Idea is to give as much exposure of your brand to your audience. And to give them content they need and want where they want. Because, maybe we don’t need to change yet, definitely don’t want to change, but things are going to change sooner then we think. And then, when you have to change, it will be too late.

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