Internet happened.

In less then 15 years whole media industry was turned upside down. Before Internet your choice for getting information and entertainment was limited. You had your big TV channels, newspapers and of course radio.

First phase disrupted newspapers mostly. The news part. Result now is that people are no longer willing to pay to get informed. Music industry was shaken and disrupted two times. First by downloads and then by streaming services.

Netflix and similar services showed. Google became biggest advertising agency in the world.

Mobile happened.

Smartphones happened. Touchscreens. iPhone. Always connected. World at the touch of your fingertips. And suddenly you are walking around with camera and microphone in their pocket. Connected to everyone. Being able to broadcast with a push of a button.

So the new generation of broadcasters was born. What was blog, now is video or live video. A podcast even. You can be your own TV or radio station You just need time and passion. No money is needed. And most important — you don’t need permission from anyone to broadcast. Social media, as the newest version of Internet enabled us all to connect and share among ourselves.

What does all this mean to you?

While it is true that most of the things people publish by their own is rubbish, with more supply some things that pop up are really good. New, original and fresh. People that have nothing to lose are more willing to experiment. To try things that just might not work. And sometimes they succeed.

While all that is happening you are doing the same thing. Until your kid, when you drive him to kindergarten asks you to silence the radio because he is watching some Minecraft video blog on YouTube on your or even his smartphone.

Kid that is doing that video blog is young. Maybe just few years older then your son. He just took camera and stared talking about Minecraft. His passion. And he has followers. One of them being your son. And that guy speaks differently. He speaks normally. And then for you as broadcaster game is over. Because kids like your son will expect you to talk like that in future.

And you dismiss it. Nobody speaks like that. You need to have proper radio talk. Until it is too late. Because you are holding to the past and neglecting the future.

I mean, just think about it.

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