We produce your jingle package that fits the music of your format, positions your acoustic logo clear but unobtrusively, improves the flow , emotionalizes the program but structures it at the same time. Everything from a single source.

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In cooperation with its partners GrooveWorx (Los Angeles, USA) and Foster Kent (Salzburg, Austria) BCI has produced more than 200 jingle packages. This amount and range of experience from a local station to a national radio program gives our clients the security that a sound design produced by BCI will fit perfectly for the demands and necessities of the radio program in question.

Foster Kent - Salzburg

The innovative audio production house from Salzburg (Austria) first caused a big sensation with a project for the Österreichischer Rundfunk. Back then the ORF audio signature and the sound design for the news (ZiB - Zeit im Bild), children’s television and cultural programs received a reworking. Today Foster Kent productions can be heard in all German-speaking countries and regions.

GrooveWorx - Los Angeles

The Los Angeles-based audio production house GrooveworX (formerly Groove Addicts) and its composers have already received several awards like the Gold Clio or the Promax Gold Medallion. The cooperation with the best studio musicians (e.g. Carl Verheyen of Super Tramp, Bruce Wattson of Billy Joel, Matt Laugh of Alanis Morissette and many more) guarantees an outstanding musical variety.

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