Every feedback
is good feedback

Our audience complains about many things. The voice of the presenter, opinions presented on air, inappropriate topics that are talked about early in the morning, choice of guests, not enough music, not the right music, too much commercials, annoying promotions, not getting the chance to win at a promotion, etc. Almost anything we do can be criticized.

And that is ok.
Actually it is great – it means that someone is really listening. They have an opinion and they take the effort to share it with you. Look at it as great feedback. You touched someone even if it was in a way that they did not like. And they care about your relationship so much that they are investing their time in telling you about their thoughts.

But one thing they are usually not very vocal about is: boredom!

If you are not interesting they will just ignore you. And in a world with too many similar stations another personality who has something relevant to say is just a touch away.

First they start listening passively. Then they go somewhere else where there is actually something that moves them.

So, don’t worry (too much) if you have too much negative feedback. At least it means someone is listening and caring. Be scared when there is no feedback at all.

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