Promaxbda –
On a scale to 10 it’s a 6

Before I check out my notes I’m gonna spit out couple of thoughts
that first crossed my mind.

It’s all about how you make people FEEL. Give your audience something that pumps their blood, aim for the stomach, aim for the heart.
Being HUMAN in a digital world. If you are connecting only digitally you are missing out an important part of truly connecting in a way that will create greatness.

Don’t wright long e-mails, nobody reads it.
Be consistent. Be clear.
Don’t push.
Running is cool.
Drink beer.

Don’t be on your phone when you are talking to people.
Elephant’s trunk- the one thing that makes you different, find it!
Facts DON’T win, better stories do.
Take risks – be a hero – status quo is bad – it’s like kryptonite that’s holding you down, draining your strength.

Promaxbda – On a scale to 10 it’s a 6.
I found all that promaxbda stuff not juicy enough.

Maybe it’s because of my current state of mind and not productive faze of life that I’m in. It was alright to remind myself on the things that I already know (or I’ve heard/read about it) but not practicing/or thank God practicing.

A lot of speakers were poor storytellers who couldn’t have my attention. They were confused, had a lot of hmmm, aghrr, cliche banal phrases and not so funny jokes. We had some practical exercises, good examples, personal stories, not so much exact things – what should I do.

Lots of fine cooked meals. But I wanted to steal some ingredients, and a recipe. Sometimes it was the other way around.
I missed some rules and formulas, cute catches – how to do something… at the end of the day – we were all filtering the content as we understood it. Too subjective for me. Perhaps I am wrong. After all it’s not science it’s show business. I know. What can I say, I’m just a dj, not a smart ass marketing expert. 😉

The art of the personal brand

Who you are as a brand is what people think of you.
Ask 5 random people who have to deal with you on some level…. what do they think about YOU?
What you get is what you are.
Response to your name has to be emotional.
The value of a brand is the most important, it will define your future, this will market you.
How do you find your brand voice?

Goal. What do I wanna be when I’m ‘grown up’? Start thinking about that goal – where do I want to be 5 years from now, and define mission statement. Take a look at your brand now – will it take you to your ultimate goal?

What is your UVP (unique value proposition)?
You need to have that ONE thing that makes you stand out. Talk to your family, your friends, colleagues… they can help you with knowing what it is. It can not be a typical thing like – I’m a team leader. It’s ok. But it’s shit at the end of the day. You don’t want people to remember you as a big diarrhea. So, like elephant’s have trunks, what do you have that is special among other humans on the market?

A little exercise: pair up…

What do you do? – That is your personal brand!
Let’s do an elevator pitch in 20 seconds – pitch your new brand.. someone asks you what do you do? You say – what…?

Whatever your thing is that makes you different- that should be the one of things that you lead with – whatever it is, because that makes you stand out. You want “team leader” to be written on your resume and all those other things but one of the key phrases has to be your uniqueness. It will make you different from the 5 billion other resumes. You need to incorporate that, don’t bury that.
Strengthen your weaknesses.

Target your audience.

Who are they? Why am I good for them? What are their needs, desires, joy?
Ultimately, it’s about understanding what matters to people and then working out what to do about it. That’s where the insight comes in. Understanding people’s deeper needs and motivations is key. When your audience feel they are being listened to and understood, they generally remain satisfied and loyal.
Value of a brand = brand loyalty.

A smarter, faster, funnier
creative process

Always generate ideas with the team. You can’t work alone, include people. Great ideas come when you relax. Move, chill, don’t push.
When you brainstorm with the crew there should always be the brain/leader of the team because often everybody has an opinion but nobody wants to take the responsibility and make a decision. One person has to ‘drive’ the storm and deal with people not listening to each other, lack of information, idea killers, going in circles etc.

Bring clients into the process…. it’s dangerous if you have some pain in the ass client, but if he doesn’t know what he wants… maybe you should invite him on a creative meeting with your team.

Don’t forget one extra person on the table, who is not involved in the process and doesn’t know anything about the subject of your meeting. That person from the outside has to ask questions and give a new angle for solving your problem.


Nothing beats a good fact better than a great story.
– O.J. Simpson trial –

Donald for example….. talking about climate change is not sexy, people are not interested, it’s boooring, we have an attitude- too big to tackle…. but when Trump said that US is withdrawing from the climate change agreement it was a global story/global reaction/global war(m)ning. Good promotion.

Deadpool movie campaign is beautiful story marketing. On Valentine’s day it was released on billboards like it was a romantic comedy – targeting female audience. Deadpool was involved in a cancer campaign, they even made customized Emojis.

Write the story of your life.
Here is how you should do it:
Where in the world have you been? Where are you now? Where will you be? Who is the hero of the story? You. Ok, so…. we want to know your weaknesses… what’s holding you down?

Do you take risks?
The call of the adventure! The wake up call…what started the story, something shakes up the situation… Conflict is the foundation of every good story. More conflict, more connection.

Who was your mentor, who helped you to rise up? Who is the one that made you a better person? Highs and lows…. ups and downs… good times/bad times…. more lows and you have a stronger story – because you are going to V….

V…ictory! What is your victory… big things and the small things.
Moral of the story – we share the same values, we can relate.

And… what is your “to be continued?”

Best Regards,

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