A corporate idea and the
know-how that goes
along with it

The staff is a station’s audible business card, that is why the employees need to internalize their company’s strategy and need to know about its on-air implementation at all times. Continuous coaching helps them with that responsibility.

On-air promotion, off-air promotion, news room, morning show production, presenters, reporters, traffic, hotlines, social media team – the list is endless.

It is important that every single team member does have the same idea of the station’s brand and its strategy. But this common base is often not sufficient, it’s the know-how that is the most essential when it comes to the daily implementation of the corporate idea and strategy on-air. This know-how can be learnt in the regular coachings of the BCI consultants.

Choice of topics, storytelling, addressing the listeners on an emotional level, planning of promotions, sound design, planning the rotation etc. – BCI provides you with a professional coach for your staff on all the areas of a modern radio station.


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