Find the ideal format
for your program

Modeling oneself on other successful stations is legitimate, correct and even desirable. When it comes to inspiration and motivation, morning shows from England, Australia or USA are great role models. But a mere copy/paste is often not the right answer.

Concepts that do work on one market don’t automatically have to work on the other. There might be another mentality, competitive environment, station history or other station images – all of which are reasons why certain concepts cannot easily be transferred from one station to another.

That is why it is so important to know your market and what works for your station. And that is how we can support you.

Our strategic study begins with a segmentation of the market and identifies listener potentials. In the process, lifestyle groups are defined instead of only looking at the differences between age and gender. Those lifestyle groups tell us about their needs as well as about the images of the radio stations on the market. In this way you get a very precise image of what your station’s (potential) listeners want.

Our focus groups help you to get a very individual and qualitative image of your listeners and you will receive feedback in its most direct way. At the same time you can see live how your listeners react to your program with our ‘Performance Perception Curve PPC‘.

Classic music research provides a solid basis for your program. EMTs for your back catalog or regular call-outs for the right choice of songs are the tools to find the ‘right’ music. CATI or online – we offer both varieties.

Do you have special requirements or needs? Just contact us, together with our elaborate tools we will find the answers to your questions.


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