Be where your audience is

Create a perfect digital strategy that fits your on-air programming!

From your station website and online streaming to an effective communication with your audience on social networks. Not every social media platform is a good and neccessary choice for your brand and not every new technology trend is something that you must embrace. We can help you build the best strategy for your brand.

Get your people up to date with new skills that are essential today!

With good planning and the right tools, you can easily produce great content that works on digital. And it doesn’t have to cost a lot! With our experience – by working across whole Europe – we have developed and implemented individual digital strategies with many brands.

Create new sales opportunities

With new platforms there come new potential income sources. We can work with you on creating new products that your sales team can sell. Those revenue sources can come from promotions or content you produce specially for social media platforms, bt it can also be hybrid between on-air and your online activities.


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