I was on a daily conference call with my kick ass brother Jura last night.

And instead of asking me how I was doing he asked whether I heard about the 6 word exercise.

“No I haven’t”
“Well, I developed it today. A tool to sharpen our senses by creating a 6 word sentence in 60 seconds — let’s do it: What does consequence mean to you?”
“Great!”, he replied.

This is the “Say it in 6 words” exercise.

Jura explains the benefits:

  • because of constrains this exercise builds understanding
  • people are forced to think about it, and explain it in its core
  • you get an overall feeling of all members of your group
  • you will find out if the vision of you as a leader is clear (try asking questions like — “in 6 words — what are we doing here as a company?”, or “in 6 words — what do we want listeners to think about our show/brand/station”).

I started to think about it. Sometimes we need to really focus on our own actions. This exercise really helps. Especially when in doubt.

Are YOU ready to change?
Or are you just talking about it?

How often do we sit together and drink a few beers while saying: “I think I should drink less” or how often do we sit together and eat while saying: “I think I need to eat less”:

We keep complaining but we do not change.

Stop complaining and change!

You can even do the excercise at home or when you hang with friends:
“Why do you love your partner?”
Why do you do what you do?”
“What are you afraid of?”
“What makes you happy?”

It helps you to focus on your core message. It helps you to focus on what you really should be concerned about.

I can criticize my own behavior or change it!
I can review my own actions but won’t let external factors influence myself.


You need to be all in.
Emotionally, in theory, in strategy and in execution!

Stop complaining and start to kick ass.

“Hey Jura — give me 6 word definition of love”
“When ME Plus One is Three”


“Your girlfriend is pregnant?”


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