People are pretty sure in what they think they want. And they want what they know.

At the same time, they are resistant to new things. Even though they will say that they want something new, they don’t.

Research is crucial. Creating a successful program without research is impossible. It gives you valuable insights into what people say they want, like and need.

Without it, you are just floating in your assumptions and expectations. And it is so easy to get lost in your biases and your values.


But, research doesn’t give you the full picture. What people say and what they do is not the same most of the time. You need to be in tune with your audience. Understanding why they say what they say.

There is also one other thing that research doesn’t tell you. Just because there is a need in the market, how hard is it to make people switch from one frequency to another?

If you are the market leader, the good news is that radio is a “good enough” format where habits drive lots of listening.

It is in our nature to go the easy way — do what successful people and companies are doing. That means to copy and to imitate.


The opposite of remarkable is very good — Seth Godin

The number one radio station in your market didn’t get there in a way you want to do it. At some point, there were some other stations, and they were doing the usual thing at that time. Newcomers changed that.

They did something new, at least compared to what was popular then. So now, you have to go the same way.

You need to invest enormous energy, money, and marketing into telling people there is something new out there, and when they tune in, then you need to deliver on your promises.

If that thing is similar to the things they already know — they might like it, but will it be enough of a reason to make you their new favorite station.

If the market leader is not making any capital mistakes, and if your new offering is not that different, most people just won’t switch.
Unique selling point. Competitive advantage. That is the same thing. Something that makes you uniquely valuable to your audience.

It makes you stand out at the same time. Seth Godin called it a Purple Cow. Those “old” ideas are now more important than ever.
So what makes you, and will make you unique? Find something that matters to your audience and go for it!


You have a choice. Go for something that people know and think they want.

On paper, this makes perfect sense. But be aware of the time, effort and money you will have to invest in the marketing. And be 100% sure that you are better than your competition.

Or, you can be brave and do something different. The first audience will be lower, but your offering might be more attractive to those to whom you are talking.

The way to break through to the mainstream is to target your niche instead of a huge market — Seth Godin

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