Dear radio moderator,
please read this.

I have other choices. Too many options, to be honest. There are so many people, brands and apps out there asking for my attention. It annoys me. It makes my life complicated.

So please, talk about stuff that matter to me, because I really, really, want this thing between us to work out.

But to do so, you need to show that you care about me, understand me, think about me.

After all, you need me. I don’t need you. And if you don’t respect me I will go away.

I will give you few seconds to get to the point. To make it interesting (for me). After that, if you haven’t caught my attention, I am gone.

So make it matter.


Your listener.

P.S. One more thing.
Don’t forget about end. How you end is how I will remember our “talk”. Make sure your ending is memorable. So next time you start talking I will again give you the gift of my attention.

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