Who ARE you?

When I talk to people in my hometown Hamburg about it while we have a coffee most of the people I spend time with respond with something lofty like, “Well, someday I plan to be just like Gary V or Seth Godin or THAT super-successful person!”

It’s a seriously flawed mindset because you’re NEVER going to be that super-successful person. You’re always going to be YOU.

I get it, that can be a splash of cold water to some, but it doesn’t have to sting.

The good news is, you can be as wildly successful and fulfilled as you like! But you must start by finding ease and confidence in your own skin. You simply cannot go through life playing a part and expect to be fulfilled. Why? Because people will see right through you, and you will fail. At which point, YOU won’t be YOU anymore, and you sure as heck won’t be that successful hotshot that you hoped to clone!

I see it all the time at media companies and personality workshops. I see it a lot at conferences, too. How is it that everyone there (presenters AND attendees) is a self-made rainmaker, writer, speaker, social media guru, entrepreneur, who is revolutionizing the way people live their lives?

Well … they’re not, in spite of their claims. And after the briefest of conversations you’ll understand that. They’re trying to manufacture a successful persona instead of leveraging their genuine energy, talent, and wisdom into something that naturally moves people.

Do it the KICK ASS WAY and look for people who communicate honestly and demonstrate sincere passion for their work and who they are — those are the people I want to learn more about. Why? Because they’re being themselves, and when people do that, they have a great chance to achieve wonderful things in unique and inspiring ways.

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