Turning Your Station into an
Acoustic Brand


The goal of all successful on-air marketing activities is to give the station a sound which makes it unique and turns it into an acoustic brand. This workshop teaches the producers in charge several strategies and supports them in reaching that goal.

We will particularly work on how to make your station audibly different from the competitors. This can be achieved by not just unimaginatively and obtrusively using station IDs or slogans, but by remaining attractive, dynamic and unpredictable.

Special features:

This result-oriented mixture between seminar and workshop makes this offer particularly attractive. Speeches, audio examples and discussions on the one hand and on the other working together on ”station-relevant topics” – in this way we want to point out different options and make the implementation possible.


  • Acoustic brand building and brand management
  • Mapping of the station’s layout
  • Developing the acoustic brand
  • Tasks and responsibilities of sound design
  • Productions that really work and have an effect
  • On-air marketing for presenters (personalities)
  • Elaborating station images or events and activities

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