How to handle floods,
terrorist attacks and accidents

Floods, terrorist attacks and accidents – nobody wants to experience such things, but yet they happen. As a radio station you have to report them and inform the people.


As these are extraordinary occurrences, our usual mechanisms do not apply. It is absolutely necessary to be prepared for such events. This seminar shows the participants how to handle such “worst case scenarios”. They learn how to prepare themselves correctly in order to react appropriately when it matters. They will realize that for a radio station it is indeed possible to anticipate certain events and situations and if you are well-prepared you can provide first-class reporting.

Special features:

One of the messages of this workshop is to understand large incidents as a chance for the station. Such an occurrence offers an opportunity to differentiate oneself from the competitor and show competence in the area of information – also and especially for stations where music normally dominates. The intense work of the coaches with the participants and the gripping examples of past incidents create a very creative and emotional atmosphere which will lead to excellent results.


  • First reactions on-air
  • Developing an “emergency chain”
  • Technical equipment
  • When will the telephone chain be triggered?
  • When and how do you turn your program schedule upside down?
  • How do you build up shows that focus on one topic only?
  • What do you do with the music?

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