Important, interesting,
relevant: How to create
exciting and creative content

This workshop is about spoken word content on the radio. Here you get answers to questions such as: What is really interesting and at the same time relevant for the listeners? When does a news item become a real story? How do you tie together all individual pieces of information within the program?


In team work the participants develop an individual talk format for their station and then practice in the studios how to present the background story in an exciting and concise manner.

Creativity is always at the center of content management: How can we be entertaining, exciting and serious at the same time? We will also develop several recipes on how to divide interesting content to fill the entire day, spin topics further and use word content to create new reasons for tuning in.

Special Features:

The structure of the seminar is modular. The coach will previously discuss the content and topics with the client and then weighs the individual areas accordingly. The workshop is very practice-oriented. All forms of presentation will be practiced intensely.


  • News and stories
  • Research
  • Exciting presentation forms
  • Positioning and teasing
  • Creative topic management

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