Fulfilling Listener Expectations in the Afternoon

The expectations of listeners who switch on their radios in the afternoon are quite different from those in the morning: the demand for information has changed, the topics people are interested in are different and radio listening is less of a daily habit. Especially the routines of the listeners are different in the afternoon. They range from working in an office, driving the kids to a sports class, planning evening activities and so on. All of that means special demands for planning the afternoon show, topic choice and especially topic presentation. Which topics are fitting for an afternoon show? How should they be prepared and presented? How can you best reach the listener? What does the perfect topic management for the afternoon look like? New ideas for presentation and mod breaks, interesting ways of approaching and handling a topic as well as interaction and being close to the listeners will be especially tailored for the afternoon show in this seminar.


  • Show preparation
  • Topics for the afternoon (information, entertainment, promotion, interaction …)
  • How to address the listeners
  • Presentation forms for the afternoon
  • Show dramaturgy
  • Time management
  • The afternoon presenter as a personality
  • Cross-promotion with the morning show
  • Positioning and show feedback / air checks
  • Personal check list

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