It’s all about „picking your
listener up”
in the morning

Motivating the listener each and every morning, but always in a different way, always with a new idea, always in a way that will make him tune in again – all those topics will be covered in our two-day Morning Show workshop. We develop concepts for gaining listeners, creating talk-about content, informing and entertaining.

On the agenda we can find the individual fingerprints of the presenters, double acts and sidekick models as well as their effect on the listener. Ideas for effective show preparation, planning and developing show ideas and creating storyboards are a focus of the workshop as well. The workshop is very practice-oriented. New program ideas will be developed in order to make your own content and concepts even more targeted and tailored to the listener and thus increasing listener loyalty.


  • How to become an “on-air personality”
  • How to do a successful morning show
  • How does a good “pay-off” sound?
  • How do I tease properly?
  • How do I prepare my show?
  • How can I let my listeners be part of the show?
  • What are the “10 commandments” for a good radio show?
  • How do I make emotions audible?
  • What does my listener need to know about me and what should not be mentioned?
  • How do I get a good on-air and off-air appearance?

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