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Especially competitions with prizes are becoming more and more criticized by the listeners. The listener wants to be entertained and does not want to take part in a simple game. This is what turns many competitions, especially paid ones, into a turn-off reason. Stations are using benchmarks for developing a certain image (e.g. entertainment), but only a state-of-the-art production will lead to the right impulses for a tune-in. Not enough cume listeners, too low time spent listenings or the wrong image – those are just a few of the “problems” a radio station might have and which it can tackle with a strategic on-air promotion.

The goal of this two-day workshop is to learn which promotion is the right one for which goal. In addition to that, the participants will get an objective look on the market and the competitive situation their station is in. This is important in order to be able to calculate the effectiveness of a specific promotional activity beforehand.

On the one hand, the participants will evaluate well-known and successful promotions with regard to compatibility as well as implementation. On the other hand they will develop promotions of their own in a creative process which will help to support the strategic goals of their station.


  • Strategic orientation and planning of promotions
  • Project planning of a major promotion
  • Organization of and demands for sound design in case of special requirements
  • Overview of current campaigns
  • Learning creativity – ideas for campaigns
  • Development of a campaign

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