101 – These Basics you need
to know!

In this workshop we tackle essentials from understanding social media, defining a strategy to helping you execute a winning strategy.

At the end of this two day workshop you will have a bigger picture on what is actually going on “there” and how you can profit from it.

This is media just like radio. And we, as radio people, should be closer to understanding and mastering it because traditional mass media radio always was two-way-communication oriented. It’s not just about “sending” but also about “receiving”.

We are sure that the knowledge we build up in this workshop will prepare you for the next big social media platform that is coming for sure.


  • social media basics
  • why things go viral
  • different languages of the main platforms
  • social media is more then you see!
  • development of a content plan
  • involvement of your on air personalities
  • simplified video rules

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