Exciting topics on the radio –
how to gain and keep listeners

Storytelling on the radio is the art to communicate content in a way that the listeners get the context and the relevance of an information right from the start and want to follow the story until the very end.


We all know the daily struggle with facts, as facts are important but they don’t tell a story. Facts don’t necessarily stick, they have to be properly researched and it is too easy to just produce a chain of facts and to present it. But a chain of facts won’t be remembered. It’s storytelling that keeps a topic alive. This way it is easier for the listener to feel involved, to really understand a topic and to remember the story. And then they will also retell it more probably.

Our two-day intensive workshop „Storytelling 3.0“ is about the story idea for a modern structure, creation and presentation of moderation, news, reports, texts for promotions etc.

The target is to create an individual storyline, to get to know ones language of communication in different areas and to be able to communicate the relevance of a topic in the language of the listener.



  • How does storytelling on the radio work?
  • Moderation / news / reports / quotes / promos
  • Storytelling for the social media generation

The story

  • Personalized ideas
  • Individual research
  • Perspective structure

The structure

  • The right & perfect structure
  • A strong start and a memorable end
  • The story building process

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