An intense, comprehensive and
solid basic training

Trainee Plus provides an intense, comprehensive and solid basic training for all relevant areas of modern radio work. The participants learn “radio thinking” and find out how radio works.


The encompassing work with our top consultants from the areas of strategic planning, moderation, editorial work, production and rhetoric guarantees an intense coaching of the participants. Trainee Plus has been developed by BCI in close cooperation with program executives of successful radio stations. The three in-house BCI studios allow for a large percentage of practical work.

This five-day intensive course complements the job training at the radio station and includes many topics that are relevant for radio and go beyond other workshops. This training concept has been developed through practical discussions with program directors and editors-in-chief, and the curriculum was designed to reflect the practical work in a station. By limiting the number of participants to six we can guarantee an intensive working environment. This also allows the consultants to take care of each participant individually. In this way the highest possible level of efficiency is guaranteed in our Trainee Plus workshop.


Radio Basics: Structure of radio stations, formats, responsibilities

Editorial Work and News: topic research, writing for listening, creative forms of presentation

Moderation: Show prep, “driving”, the Three-Element-Break, leaving an impression, creating and keeping suspense, addressing the listener

Production: Basic knowledge, technical terms, packaging, beds, sounds, jingles, producing reports

Rhetoric: Basics of communication, language usage, language and emotions, dialogue with the listener


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