My name is Ondřej Cikán. I am the program director of CHR station called FAJN radio. I cooperate with BCI and – surprise – I like podcasts. For two years I have been listening to audio content on my phone about marketing, personal development and how to speak better English. There is no podcast about writing in English – I am sorry about that!
That’s why as a passionate podcast consumer in April of this year I came to my team with the idea – let’s do our own podcast! Nice idea that created a number of questions. How? About what? Why? And does it make sense in our case?

Because we are radio the answer to this question was quite simple. Open the recording software, turn on the microphone and start recording! There are a number of companies like Audioboom, Anchor and so on which you can use to publish the podcast nowadays without needing your own a server. It means you pay approximately $ 9 for a service where you put your record audio and then the provider handles the distribution of podcasts. There is no point in explaining this process in detail. What is important to say – it is simple, and everyone can do it! Well anyone who can use Google where you’ll definitely find detailed instructions about how to get started with a podcast.
So, the answer for a question How? Easy. What is a little bit worse?

About what?
Honestly, It’s up to you. There is nowhere prescribed what should be the main topic of a podcast or how a podcast should look like. If you enjoy collecting Pokémon, record audio content about this hobby. It will definitely find its listeners. Podcast is not for the masses. It’s for people like you. For people who have certain values, dreams and desires.
Our radio mission was clear. We have a limited amount of time on the radio to share certain message to a people. We are also bound by the rules (greetings to our owners). What about podcast time space? Unrestricted. So, the effort was to give people information – what we do, how we do it and why we do it in original unlimited way. We started producing the Radiotalks podcast. Radio backstage interviews. We introduced our presenters, their shows, what the work on the radio looks like. We introduced our brand. Otherwise. Human. Authentic. Without recipe. How we felt it.
The audio experience is an intimate thing for me. Person perceives the listening differently than the read form of a text or a video. Different type of concentration is needed. What’s important you can listen to the podcast anywhere. So when you record something you will spend time with people in the gym, in the car, at home. You are becoming part of their lives. That is cool.

Podcast is not just interviews!
But they work well. Especially if you invite someone as a guest with power on social networks. Want to share message about your podcast? Invite an influencer and ask him to share your work. As a result of this we were able to get 10,000 plays per week! For me this is the best way how you can start. Worse way? Record a podcast about music with demos! Firstly, podcasts of this type – introducing for example new Friday songs – have only dozens of plays. Secondly, song samples cannot be used in podcasts! At least not in the Czech Republic. This is due to copyright laws and the performers‘ licenses. We then had to delete these audio pieces. So friendly advice for you. Do not do this unnecessary work.

Rather the question should be – why not? Are you serious about building a brand? Can you at least speak a little reasonably? Record a podcast should be definitely part of your marketing strategy. Luckily how you look like doesn’t matter with podcasts!
One of the most important marketing today – marketing that can differentiate you from the competition – is content marketing. Content to show people what you do, how you do it and most importantly why you do it. Podcasts are a great way to do this.

Another plus? Audio consumption of content is on the rise. In the era of multitasking this is logical. We care about how we manage our time and if we have a chance to “save time” we will not refuse. While running, going to work, washing dishes, we can listen to the podcast everywhere – while doing other things. Great time savings! What’s more – consuming audio content is easier than ever. That’s because what you have in your pocket. Yes, I mean the phone.

How much will I get? It is always about money
As with most things a podcast will inevitably curl on money. Do you want to make money quickly? You’ve chosen the wrong way. You won’t get rich with a podcast. It is opposite. This sphere is heavily underestimated and for example in the Czech Republic there is not much chance to monetize the podcast yet. Making a podcast is like writing a book for me. How many people got rich in book business? Yes, there are examples like JK Rowling and others, but the point is first of all we create a book because we want to write it. We want to leave something, spread something. We are not writing the book because we want to be extremely rich. Right?

Try it. The trend goes in this direction.
Audio streaming is on rising. New technologies like airpods, internet-connected cars or smart speakers help to audio content creation. Listening is user – friendly. That’s why we can’t be surprised that one third of Americans listen to at least 1 podcast per week an average! If an American is among this sample of people, he spends about 6 hours a week listening to the podcast. How much is it in our region? Certainly less. However, this train is starting its way and is worth boarding. Podcasts can be a great way to spread our thoughts. To spread our brand. It’s a long run, a long-term investment that can pay off for your brand. Really. Try it. After all It is fun.

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