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You are trying hard on Facebook and it is not working? One thing that can help you is to use your lessons from the radio. The most successful radio stations are consistent in delivering what their audience wants. The same thing works on Facebook.

At BCI we are following more than 100 radio brands on Facebook and are looking at their Facebook activities. When are they posting? What types of posts? How often? And then we look at the engagement: how people interact with page posts – what gets likes, shares and comments.

Because we are not page administrators we don’t see the reach of the posts but there is a significant correlation between engagement and reach. After analyzing more than 200 000 posts, there is one thing that we have found.

Successful brands have a clear
and consistent posting plan

Successful stations don’t miss an opportunity to reach their audience. They have a constant number of posts each day and that also means not skipping posting on weekends or holidays.

A clear and consistent posting plan means that you are posting a few times every day (the number of posts depends on your strategy) and that over time your audience starts to expect you in their newsfeed.
This kind of plan and execution is a sign of three good things.

  1. First, it means that a strategy and execution plan exists that people have to follow.
  2. Also, if this plan is being executed it means that someone at the station is doing the work and that he/she is being responsible and accountable. On the other hand, no plan means that Facebook (and probably other social media channels) is just an afterthought. Hobby, not business.
  3. And lastly, because your fans don’t care if it is a weekday or weekend, work hours or 10 PM, you have to post when your audience is online. If the station is doing that, either it has disciplined and passionate employees or they are using more advanced posting tools. Either way, it is a good thing to do.

How it gets crystal clear
with our tool

Example A: A station that is posting regularly

The most successful radio brands on Facebook

On X-axis you have the days in a month and on the Y-axis the hours when the post was published.

Here you can easily see that for most of the month Otvoreni Radio (Zagreb) was posting regularly four times per day. They were not missing an opportunity to reach their audience.

Example B: A station that is not posting regularly

The most successful radio brands on Facebook

At one glance it is easy to see that there are “big holes” on some days where there are only one or two posts. Here the station is more reacting to the events instead of creating content for Facebook. And the overall interaction numbers prove that.


Do’nt miss opportunities to reach and engage people
You should take any chance for meaningful interaction with your audience. They are now online 24/7 and by using social media you can create touchpoints between them and your brand all over the day.

Create a habit of being part of their newsfeed
We are creatures of habit. And Facebook treats us like that. Facebook also wants to make us feel good when we are looking at our newsfeed, so it shows us content similar to the things we interacted with before.

Your content needs to be relevant and engaging to your audience. If it is, more posts will not lower your audience engagement.

Your posting plan is not set in stone
Posting without a plan means that you can only really guess why some post worked, and some didn’t. But, you still need to tweak and modify your plan from time to time. It is always changing. You try something for two or four weeks and then try something else.

Three posts per day? What happens when you put one more? Does the number of interactions go down or does it stay the same?
Keep some things constant, and change something. Only in those controlled circumstances, you can know what works and what doesn’t.

A plan means nothing without
relevant & engaging content

The best posting plan means nothing if your posts are bad, boring and not relevant to your audience.

Think of the posting plan as your program clock. On formatted stations, working without the clock is impossible. But the program clock will not make your people tune in. The content that you put on the clock – that is what matters!

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