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Analysis of listening examples from around the globe to awaken your creativity and to get an idea of how to refresh your current production on air.

This workshop can be designed as a general session (audio image development) or we can focus on a special task: for example, how to promote a show or a certain personality, how to position music or how to create promotions on air.

We will analyse which aspects turn production work into great production work. Including copy writing and creative brainstorming techniques.

This workshop is not only theoretical. It includes practical work. We will start creating elements on day 2.

Anton Ivankiv, Director of Production – NRJ Germany:
“The workshop was very special and inspiring because Goran Kurjak is super experienced and passionate about what he does. I can highly recommend this workshop to anyone who would like to develop his production skills.”

Procedure and

1. The importance and role of audio production and daily production tasks
2. International listening session and discussion

  • General-imaging
  • Show-openers
  • Mix-elements
  • Back to the music elements
  • Promos
  • Power intros
  • Dj toolbox
  • Show elements
  • Bonus elements (commercials, videos, etc …)
  • 3. Creative Work – We will create new elements for your station
    4. Production work – We will produce new elements in your studio
    5. Listening session of new elements and team discussion
    6. We will create a task (to do) list for the next 6 months.

    Interested? Get in touch with us!


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